Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pleased to meet you

My old blog got old, so I've started a new one! This time on the very popular Blogspot, so hi to everyone both new and old. And by that I do mean new and old to my blog.

A little introduction, perhaps?

Okay but you asked for it! I am a modernist, a gamer, maybe a little bit of a nerd because I admit to loving computers and science fiction and fantasy and weather systems and the space program and all that stuff that normal people just don't think about. I'm also a *not-post* feminist and a socialist/communist. I'm a sometimes-musician (bass), sometimes-groupie, mostly manic, and yes, I wear a lot of black, and a lot of pink.

As bizarre as it may seem, that, my friends, is what came to mind when I thought that I should introduce myself. Why do we describe ourselves in these terms, highlighting certain points and leaving out other things?

I don't know! who knows? maybe during the course of this humble weblog, we will figure that out.

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