Friday, August 31, 2012

Steam on LInux and Native GIMP on OS X!

All my wildest dreams are coming true. First, I find out that Steam is coming to Linux. This is flat out exciting for me, because most of my gaming has always been on a console but I would love to start gaming on my computer! It would be beyond cool for me to be able to play an A-List title on a custom-built Linux gaming PC. No, beyond "beyond cool".

OK, so enough of that. The other cool thing is that GIMP, once a second-class citizen on OS X (because X11 itself is obviously a second class citizen at Apple, since they don't lift a finger to integrate it with the rest of your desktop), now has a native build for Mac!

OK, to be honest the GIMP thing isn't that significant to me, personally. Although now when a Mac friend is complaining about Photoshop, I can honestly suggest GIMP. Will they listen to me? no of course not, they'll just go pirate Photoshop. But that's not my problem.

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