Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amalur crash :(

Well today I experienced my first Amalur crash, and it sucks. It wasn't a crash, actually.  It seems to be more like corrupt save data, but it's not just corrupt save data on one save, it's on the autosave too!

I had just reached the isle of Eammon on Friday. Didn't get a chance to play over the weekend, and then on Monday went to Continue my game and experienced an eternal loading screen.  I quit the game and restarted it, tried to manually load the saved game. Again, it just never loads.  So then I tried loading the auto saved version from about 10 minutes prior to the manually saved game.  Again, it wouldn't load!  Both are on the Isle of Eammon, so I'm not sure if that's significant or not.

Then I tried loading data from earlier in the week (about 4 days earlier) and it loads fine. 

Internet searches don't suggest this is a common problem, so I'm not sure what happened.  The good news is that I only have to resume from level 24 (I was at level 26), but it bugs me to lose progress like that. Not a huge deal. My philosophy is usually that re-playing will actually render better results because it usually does. Still annoying though!

The lesson is the same as usual: save often, and keep old saves around.  I didn't upgrade my harddrive to 320G for nothing!

Some people aren't clear on how much harddrive space saved games take up. Believe me, it's nothing.  We're talking about 2mb for my level 26 saves. By the time I'm at level 36 it will be maybe at 5mb.  So, save like you mean it, because you never know when you'll have to roll your game back a level.

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